Manitou MT 10055 XT Telehandler

Daily Rate: $500
Weekly Rate: $1800
Monthly Rate: $4200
Add Remote: $120 day / $400 week / $1000 month
The Manitou MT Series construction telescopic handlers are true overachievers. With soaring lift heights and impressive load capacities, these machines are designed to handle material in high places.
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Optional Enclosed Cab
The enclosed cab option is suited with front and top windows, a door and a heater/defrosted for use in areas where operators need protection from the weather. Air conditioning can be added for a complete climate contolled environment.

In Control
Two standard, easy to reach, direct mechanical joystick controls provide smooth operation for boom and fork tilt functions, optimizing operator precision and productivity.

Easy to Maintain
Engine accessibility is made simple with a large, hinged hood on the side of the machine. The hood lifts fully out of the way, allowing plenty of room to access maintenance points, including the battery and oil fill. A hinged door in the belly pan grants access to the oil drain.

Optimized Comfort and Safety
An adjustable armrest and optional suspension seat enhances operator comfort for long, productive workdays. The operator has an unobstructed view virtually 360 degrees in all directions for increased precision and safety.

Move More Material
Robust, welded box section booms handle loads from 10,000 pounds to 12,000 pounds.

Lift Higher
Reach, pick, lift and place easily with lift heights from 42 feet to 55 feet.

Emissions Compliant Power
The MT 10055 is equipped with Interim Tier IV emissions certified turbo deisel engines which meet stringent emissions standards and provide the power and response for demanding work.

Improve Stability
Standard rear axle stabilization improves stability by locking the rear axle whenever the boom is raised 60 degrees or the the parking brake is applied. Stability is further enhanced with the addition of outriggers available on models MT 6642, MT 8044, MT 10044 and MT 12042; standard on the MT 10055.

Fast and Maneuverable
With travel speeds up to 20 mph, a compact design, three steering modes and a tight turning radius, the MT Series telescopic handlers get around jobsites quickly and efficiently.

Take Control
To activate the Remote Boom Control (RBC) system, apply and hold the service brakes and press the top of the RBC system rocker switch. The system is activated when the lamp in the RBC rocker switch is on.

The RBC system places the transmission in neutral and applies the parking brake, locks the rear axle stabilizer cylinder and reduces the frame leveling speed, disables auxiliary hydraulic and carriage swing functions, turns on the radio control receiver for controlling boom functions and engine power up and shut down and monitors the position of the machine and will not allow operation unless the machine is properly levelled.

Hydraulic Performance
Excellent self levelling hydrualic flow and system pressure provides the hydrualic performance needed to power a wide variety of attachments.

Self Leveling
Hydraulic self levelling lift action automatically keeps the load level as the boom is raised.

Fast Attachment Transition
The quick carriage release system allows quick attachment changes with unsurpassed ease. The operator leaves the seast only to disengage the attachment.

Lift Capacity: 10,000 lbs. (4,536 kg)
Mximum Lift Height: 55' 1" (16.8 m)
Capacity at Max Lift Height: 5,000 lbs. (2,268 kg)
Maximum Forward Reach: 41' 2" (12.6 m)
Capacity at Maximum Forward Reach: 2,000 lbs. (908 kg)
Maximum Grade Below Grade: 29" (737 mm)
Engine: John Deere 115 hp Turbocharged
Engine Model: 4045T Interim Tier IV
Engine Rate Speed: 2,500 rpm
Transmission: Dana 4 speed Powershift
Maximum Travel Speed: 19.3 mph (31.1 kmh)
Selective Steering: 4 Wheel, 2 Wheel Crab
Service Brake: 4 wheel Hydraulically Actuated Internal Wet Disc Brake
Parking Brake: Spring Applied, Hydraulic Release on Front Axle
Axle Manufacturer: Dana
Hydraulic Pump Type: Gear
Total Capacity: 40 gpm
System Pressure: 3,000 psi
Hydraulic Resevoir: 45 gal
Approximate Weight: 27,800 lbs. (12,610 kg)
Length: 21' 0" (6.4 m)
Width: 8' 3" (2.5 m)
Ground Clearance: 18" 457 mm)
Wheelbase: 10' 4" (3.1 m)
Turning Radius: 13' 11" (4.24 m)
Overall Height: 8' 6" (2.6 m)
Frame LEvelling: 10 degrees
Fuel Capacity: 47 gal
Tire Options: 14.00 x 12 PR