Mustang 1750RT NXT2 Skid Steer

Regular Rates:
Daily Rate: $340
Weekend Rate: $448
Weekly Rate: $1280
Monthly Rate: $3750
The all-new 1750RT NXT2 and 2100RT NXT2 track loaders from Mustang raise the bar with proven efficiency and performance. Teamed up with their older brother, the 2500RT, these track loaders provide patented, industry-exclusive features sure to blaze a new trail in the track loader market. Since breaking into the track loader market in 2001, Mustang has learned a thing or two about what it takes to be an industry leader. Combine this expertise with input from some of the market's heaviest track loader users, and you get the home-raised RT Series Track Loaders from Mustang.
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Relieve Tension - The IdealTrax Automatic Track Tensioning System automatically maintains tensioning of the tracks when the engine is started and during operation.

Diesel Engine Strength - Tier IV-certified Yanmar diesel engines provide 69.9 hp on the 1750RT NXT2 and 72 hp on the 2100RT NXT2.

Productive Performance - These machines pack the punch when it comes to efficiently transferring its power to tractive effort.

Spacious Cab Interior - Ergonomic, adjustable operator's station provides industry leading comfort and safety.

IdealTrax Automatic Track Tensioning System
The IdealTrax Automatic Track Tensioning System is an industry exclusive system that ensures proper track tensioning upon engine start up and operation, saving the required 10-15 minute track re-tensioning recommended every 50 hours.

By eliminating over-tensioning and releasing track tension when the engine is turned off, track life is extended by up to 15 percent. This system saves the owner substantial maintenance and track replacement costs over the life of the machine.

Less Downtime Puts Money in Your Pocket
- Eliminates the need for manually tensioning the tracks on the loader before operation, saving valuable time on the job site.
- Increase the life of tracks (up to 15%* in tested conditions), sprockets and bearings by ensuring the proper tension immediately upon start-up and during use, and tension release when the machine is shut down.
- Track changes in the field are facilitated with the simple flip of a switch in the rear compartment. Removing a track without the IdealTrax system can take up to one hour per track. With IdealTrax, it takes minutes.
*Track life improvement varies greatly depending on conditions, application and up-keep; results may vary.

Key Features
- Rated operating capacity at 35% of tipping load is 1,750 lbs.
- Rated operating capacity at 50% of tipping load is 2,500 lbs.
- Lift height of 127.5"
- 68.4 hp Yanmar diesel engine
- IdealTrax Automatic Track Tensionsin System sets optimal track tension when machine is started
- Travel speeds up to 7.5 mph with high speed, and 5.1 mph with low speed
- Ground pressure of 6.2 psi
- Auxiliary hydraulic flow of 18.5 gpm to power a wide variety of attachments
- Dedicated undercarriage and rubber tracks provide flotation and balanced traction in muddy and wet environments
- Hydraulic self-leveling is standard
- Pressurized cab with Generation II heater and air-conditioning is optional
- A tiltable ROPS/FOPS allows for easy access to internal maintenance and service components

- Electro-Hydraulic Joystick Controls with 5x5 drive control system

Attachment Mounting System
- The Multi-Tach Mounting System is Compatible with Most Attachments
- Hydraulic-powered quick-attach mounting system is available
- Electronic attachment control - 14-pin connector option allows for operation of all attachments

All-Tach Attachment Mounting System - Standard
IdealTrax Automatic Track Tensioning - Standard
Straight Tracking - Standard
Power-A-Tach Mounting System - Optional
Self-Leveling Hydraulic Lift Action - Standard
Selectable Self-Leveling Lift Action - Optional
Two-Speed Hydrostatic Drive System - Standard
Horsepower Management System - Standard

Engine Alert System with Error - Standard
Engine Automatic Shutdown System - Standard
Grid/Manifold Starter Assist - Standard
Dual-Element Air Cleaner with Indicator - Standard
Hydraulic System - Standard

Auxiliary Hydraulics
High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics - Standard

Elevated Planetary Final Drives - Standard
Maintenance Free Rollers on Each Side - 3
Single Flange Front/Dual Flange Rear - Standard
Rubber Track Undercarriage System - Standard
Servo-controlled Hydrostatic Drive - Standard
Dedicated Undercarriage - Standard

Tilt-Out Foot Pod - Standard
Back-Up Alarm - Standard
Combination Radiator & Hydraulic Oil - Standard
ROPS/FOPS Level II Overhead - Standard
Anti-Vandalism Lock Provisions - Standard
Mechanical Lift Cylinder Lock - Standard

Operator's Station
Pressurized Cab Enclosure with A/C - Optional
Multi-function Function Display - Standard
Drive Sensitivity Adjustment - Standard
Electro-hydraulic Joystick Controls - Standard
Selectable Control Pattern Configuration - Optional
Variable Speed Control, Selectable On - Optional
Foot Throttle - Standard
Full Suspension Seat - Standard

Overall Operating Height - Fully Raised (mm): 168" (4267)
Height to Hinge Pin - Fully Raised (mm): 127.5" (3239)
Reach - Fully Raised (mm): 34.5" (876)
Dump Angle - Fully Raised: 40.2°
Dump Height - Fully Raised (mm): 98" (2489)
Maximum Rollback Angle - Fully Raised: 102.5°
Overall Height at ROPS (mm): 82.8" (2103)
Overall Length with Bucket - Standard Counterweight (mm): 144" (3658)
Overall Length without Bucket - Standard Counterweight (mm): 110.8" (2814)
Specified Height (mm): 67.5" (1715)
Reach at Specified Height (mm): 31.1" (790)
Dump Angle at Specified Height: 75°
Maximum Rollback Angle at Ground: 30°
Carry Position (mm): 7" (179)
Maximum Rollback Angle at Carry Position: 33°
Digging Position - Below Ground (mm): -0.3" (7.6)
Angle of Departure with Standard Counterweight: 30.4°
Ground Clearance (mm): 13.3" (343)
Track Gauge (mm): 51.7" (1313)
Track Shoe Width (mm): 12.6" (320)
Crawler Base (mm): 54.8" (1392)
Overall Width - Less Bucket (mm): 64.4" (1636)
Bucket Width (mm): 65.9" (1674)
Clearance Radius - Front with Bucket (mm): 91.4" (2322)
Clearance Radius - Rear with Standard Counterweight (mm): 62.1" (1577)
Maximum Rollback at Specified Height: 66.8°
Angle of Approach: 90°
Grouser Height (mm): 1" (25)

Operating Capacity at 35% of Tipping Load (kg): 1750 lbs. (794)
Operating Capacity at 50% of Tipping Load (kg): 2500 lbs. (1134)
Tipping Load (kg): 5000 lbs. (2268)
Operating Weight (kg): 8605 lbs. (3903)

Make/Model: Yanmar/4TNV98C-NMSL Tier IV
Type: 4-Stroke Naturally Aspirated
Displacement (L): 203 (3.319)
Cylinders: 4
Net Horsepower (kW) @ 2500 rpm: 68.4 hp (51)
Peak Torque (Nm) @ 1600 rpm: 179 ft-lbs. (242.7)
Oil Pump Capacity (L): 11 qts. (10.4)
Alternator Voltage/Amperage: 14V/95A

Track Drives
Drawbar Pull / Tractive Effort (kN): 11,840 lbs. (5371)
Track Type: Rubber
Track Rollers: 4
Roller Type: Steel
Track Width (mm): 12.6" (320)
Ground Pressure (bar): 6.2 psi (0.43)

Bucket Breakout - Tilt Cylinder (kg): 5189 lbs. (2354)
Bucket Breakout - Lift Cylinder (kg): 4840 lbs. (2195)
Ground Speed - Single Speed (km/hr): 5.1 mph (8.2)
Ground Speed - Two Speed (km/hr): 7.5 mph (12.1)

Fuel Tank (L): 24 gal. (91)
Hydraulic Reservoir Tank (L): 11.0 gal. (41.6)
Coolant Capacity (L): 3.5 gal. (13.3)

Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow - Rated Speed (L/min): 18.5 gpm (70)
High-Flow Hydraulic Flow - Rated Speed (L/min): 34 gpm (128.8)
Transmission Pump Type: Axial Piston
Motor Type: Axial Piston with Planetary Reduction