Toyota Tonero Mast Lift

Daily Rate: $132
Weekly Rate: $380
Monthly Rate: $990
All forklifts in the Toyota Tonero series are equipped with Toyota SAS safety features to improve overall performance and productivity. Offering mast control and increased stability, our engine counterbalanced trucks are extremely reliable for loading / unloading, stacking, or in horizontal transport functions. Safe manoeuvring and fast acceleration make the Toyota Tonero series highly productive in light to heavy material handling applications, whilst low truck noise and vibration enhances driver comfort.
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The Toyota Tonero series of engine counterbalanced trucks includes diesel and LPG models, with maximum load capacities up to 3.5 tonnes and lifting heights up to 7 metres. Offering a wide range of cabins for all weather conditions, and with Toyota SAS as standard, our Tonero engine powered forklift series is ideal for outdoor use. Low noise and vibration, excellent all-round visibility and easy servicing allow for improved driver comfort and forklift truck durability.

The Toyota Tonero offers drivers the choice of transmission: torque converter transmission for powerful acceleration and smooth overall driving feeling or the optional hydrostatic transmission for effortless load handling and powerful engine braking and acceleration.

- Load capacity up to 3.5 tonnes at 500 mm load centre - Lift heights up to 7 m - Toyota SAS with mast function control, steering synchroniser and swing lock cylinder - Powerful and reliable Toyota LPG or diesel engine - Choice of transmission - Choice of material handling levers - High quality suspension seat

Truck specifications - 8FGCU25

Manufacturer: TOYOTA
Model: 8FGCU25
Drive: LPG
Operator type: Rider seated
Load capacity/rated load (kg): 2500 [2250]
Load centre (mm): 500 [600]
Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork (mm): 425
Wheelbase (mm): 1485

Service weight (kg): 3630
Axle load, with load, front/rear (kg): 5340/790
Axle load, without load, front/rear (kg): 1280/2350

Tyre - pneumatic (P), pneumatic shaped cushion (SE), solid rubber (R): R
Tyre size, front: 21x7x15
Tyre size, rear: 16x5x10-1/2
Wheels, number front/rear (x=driven wheels): 2x/2
Track width, front (mm): 890
Track width, rear (mm): 915

Tilt of mast/fork carriage forward/backward (deg): 6/10
Height, mast lowered (mm): 1965
Free lift (mm): 155
Lift (mm): 3000
Lift height (mm): 3040
Height, mast extended (mm): 4260
Height of overhead guard (cab) (mm): 2050
Seat height (mm): 4.12
Coupling height (mm): 260
Overall length (mm): 3450
Length to face of forks (mm): 2380
Overall width (mm): 1065
Fork dimensions (mm): 40/125/1070
Fork carriage DIN 15 173, class/type A, B (IIA): 4.24
Fork-carriage width (mm): 920
Ground clearance, with load, below mast (mm): 70
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase (mm): 105
Aisle width for pallets 1000 x 1200 crossways (mm): 3595
Aisle width for pallets 800 x 1200 lengthways (mm): 3795
Turning radius (mm): 1970
Internal turning radius (mm): 587,5

Performance data
Travel speed, with/without load (km/h): 17/17
Lift speed, with/without load (m/s): 0,63/0,645
Lowering speed, with/without load (m/s): 0,50/0,50
Max. drawbar pull, with/without load (N): 18500/7800
Gradeability, with load 1) 2) (%): 30
Max. gradeability, with/without load 2) (%): 31/17
Service brake: Hydraulic

Combustion engine
Engine manufacturer/type: TOYOTA 4Y-ECS
Engine power acc. to ISO 1585 (kW): 38
Rated speed (1/min): 2570
No. of cylinders/displacement (cm3): 4/2237

Operating pressure for attachments (bar): 160
Oil volume for attachments (l/min): 75,7
Sound level at the driver’s ear according to EN 12 053 (dB(A)): 78

Standard Equipment
- Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability*)
- Toyota OPS (Operator Presence Sensing)
- Toyota ORS seat (Operator Restraint System)
- Mechanical levers
- Wide visible mast [MFH: 3000 mm]
- Load backrest [Height: 1220 mm]
- Long forks [Length: 1070 mm]
- Long forkbar [Length: 810 mm]
- 3-way valve
- Cushion tyres
- Full hydraulic power steering
- 8” Cyclone air cleaner with snorkel air intake
- Anti-restart ignition key switch
- Headlights
- Integrated monitoring center
- Tilt steering column