Mustang 608 Articulated Loader

Daily Rate: $290
Weekly Rate: $1180
Monthly Rate: $2850
Mustang developed their new Articulated Loaders with customer requests and feedback at the forefront of the design process. With articulated steering and speeds up to 19 mph (30 km/hr), these powerhouses deliver excellent maneuverability and fast work cycles to boost productivity. And as North America's largest manufacture of compact wheel loaders, Mustang customers benefit from the convenience and cost savings of a local manufacture.
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- Operators world-wide will find state-of-the-art ergonomics, unsurpassed visibility and ease of operation.
- Fully adjustable steering column with center-mount instrumentation for easy operator reference.
- A seven-way adjustable seat providing a comfortable ride for the operator.
- Excellent 360-degree visibility is achieved by positioning the operator above instead of behind the load for safe operation and excellent view of the attachment.
- Models feature comfortable and easy-to-access grab handles to assist entry and exit.
- A complete cab enclosure option provides enhanced comfort and safety for all-day-long operation.
- Cab doors have an extended-latch design, which allows latching in a slightly-open position for limited ventilation, per operator preference.
- Standard cab models equipment includes heat, four working lights, wipers on front and rear windows, a cup holder and adjustable side mirrors.
- Spacious surface window area offers excellent all-around visibility.
- Generous sound absorbing material between the cab and engine compartment is standard with cab enclosure and suppresses sound levels.

- The Mustang 608 Articulated Loader features simple-to-use controls at your finger tips. Even the most un-accustomed operator will be comfortable operating these loaders.
- Multi-function joystick lever controls the lift arm, bucket, float, travel direction, differential lock and auxiliary hydraulic functions
- Inching pedal allows operators to vary the ground speed while maintaining a fixed engine speed, to optimally run attachments while enabling precise control.
- Engine speed can be conveniently controlled two ways: (1) with the right foot throttle or (2) with the convenient hand throttle, which also allows the ground speed to be controlled independently of engine speed.
- Differential lock button on joystick increases traction for 100% effective engagement of axles.
- 2-speed hydrostatic drive can be activated “on the go” by a switch on the joystick.

Mustang Articulated Loaders are equipped with industry-proven Yanmar diesel engines.

Make: Yanmar
Model: 4TNV98CT Tier IV
Number of Cylinders: 4
Power (kW) @ 2800 rpm: 64.4 hp (48)
Displacement (L): 0.87 gal. (3.3)

- Powerful, quiet and efficient Tier IV-certified Yanmar diesel engines with excellent performance for all applications.
- Excellent reputation for reliable cold-starting and smooth operation.

- Get into the tightest spaces with ease. The 650 goes anywhere and does almost everything.
- A heavy-duty articulating joint offers 45-degree turning angles each way and provides optimal maneuverability with a tight turning radius. Articulated steering has minimal affect on turf and ground surfaces and extends the life of the tires.
- Chassis oscillates 10 degrees each way, for 20 degrees of total oscillation, to maintain traction by keeping the wheels on the ground on uneven terrain.
- The tail follows where the front leads, providing excellent maneuverability. The bucket and tires follow a constant turn radius, so the rear of the loader follows the path of the front tires.
- Narrow machine width allows access to tight, confined spaces that most skid loaders with comparable operating capacities cannot access.
- High ground clearance allows the loaders to pass over objects in the work-path with ease.

Lift Arm
- The lift arm on the 608 is designed to achieve maximum strength, excellent visibility and fast cycle times.
- Linkage becomes recessed in the lift arm at full lift heights for protection when dumping into trucks/trailers and provides excellent forward visibility.
- Linkage design allows for mechanical self-leveling action in both up and down directions.
- Nitro-steel rods on the hydraulic cylinders resist abrasion, pitting, scratching and corrosion.
- Excellent bucket dump angles at the mid- and top-ranges of the lift path as well as outstanding forward reach at mid-range.

Power, performance and precision. Achieve this and more with superior hydraulics and handy time-saving features.

Work Hydraulic System Flow STD (L/min): 18.5 gpm (70)
High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics - optional (L/min): 26.0 gpm (98.4)
Work Hydraulic System Pressure (bar): 2,900 psi (200)
Drive Hydraulic System Pressure (bar): 6,092 psi (420)
Drive Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity (L): 19.5 gal. (73.8)

- Two auxiliary hydraulic lines with flat-faced couplers power a variety of tools and make attachment changes easy.
- Hydraulic hoses are nestled within the lift arms, keeping them out of the loader linkage “damage zone” during lifting and dumping operations.
- Lift arm and bucket float features allow for “floating” of the lift arm for light scraping or rear-ward leveling actions. Bucket float is a special feature that adds control and more operator flexibility for operating certain attachments with only bucket float.

- Reduced downtime is made possible by intelligent engineering and advanced design.
- Perform daily service checks with ease through the rear engine cover, which provides access to the engine, hydraulic reservoir filler and filter, radiator, and more.
- Hydraulic components are provided with diagnostic test ports for easy access when required.
- LCD display has menu screens with light indicators for electrical diagnostic checking.

A. Length with Bucket on Ground (mm): 199.9″ (5077)
B. Shipping Length (mm): 167.7″ (4260)
C. Front Wheel Center to Pivot Pin (mm): 32.8″ (833)
D. Wheelbase (mm): 79″ (2007)
E. Rear Overhang (mm): 52.2″ (1326)
F. Height to Top of Cab (mm): 97.1″ (2467)
H. Hood Height (mm): 69.9″ (1775)
J. Maximum Operating Height (mm): 157.8″ (4008)
K. Bucket Hinge Pin Height (mm): 130.5″ (3315)
L. Ground Plane to Bucket Edge Height (mm): 123″ (3125)
M. Dump Clearance at Full Height (mm): 99″ (2515)
N. Dump Reach at Full Height (mm): 20.9″ (529)
P. Width over Tires - Standard / Wide (mm): 64.7" / 79.4" (1645 / 2017)
Q. Tire Gauge: 48.4" / 62.8" (1230 / 1595)
R. ROPS Width (mm): 53.9″ (1370)
S. Ground Clearance (mm): 14.6″ (370)
T. Turning Radius with Bucket (mm): 143.2″ (3637)
U. Outer Turning Radius (mm): 130.3″ (3310)
V. Inner Turning Radius (mm): 62.1″ (1577)
W. Articulation Angle from Center (mm): 45°
X. Rollback at Height: 45°
Y. Maximum Dump Angle at Full Height: 45°
Z. Bucket Rollback at Ground: 45°
AA. Attachment Pivot Clearance (mm): 7.5″ (190)
BB. Wheel Radius (mm): 19.5″ (495)
CC. Bucket Width - standard (mm): 66″ (1676)

Engine Manufacturer: Yanmar
Model / Number of Cylinders: 4TNV98CT / 4
Displacement (L): 0.87 gal. (3.3 L)
Power (kW) @ 2300 rpm 1: 64.4 hp (48)

Load Capacities
Static Tipping Load with Bucket - Straight (kg): 6,743 lbs. (3059)
Static Tipping Load with Bucket - Full Turn (kg): 5,244 lbs. (2379)
Bucket Breakout (kg): 12,661 lbf (5743)
Operating Weight (kg): 9,500 lbs. (4309)

Work Hydraulic System Flow (L/min): 18.5 gpm (70)
High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics - optional (L/min): 26.0 gpm (98.4)
Work Hydraulic System Pressure (bar): 2,900 psi (200)
Drive Hydraulic System Pressure (bar): 6,092 psi (420)
Drive Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity (L): 19.5 gal. (73.8)

Battery: 12-volt
Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 25 gal. (95)
Maximum Travel Speed (km/hr): 7/12/19 mph (11/20/30)
Tire Size - Standard: 405 / 70-20