Mustang 1350RT Skid Steer

Regular Rates:
Daily Rate: $240
Weekend Rate: $389
Weekly Rate: $740
Monthly Rate: $1700
What began in the 19th century as an agricultural implement manufacturer has grown into a 21st century equipment powerhouse - Mustang compact equipment. Known in the early years as the Owatonna Manufacturing Company, Mustang was among the first to make what is known today as the skid steer loader. Since that time, Mustang has combined old-school experience with innovative processes to offer one of the broadest lines of compact equipment available today. MUSTANG. THE ORIGINAL WORKHORSE.
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RADIAL LIFT Offers enhanced performance in excavating, grading and digging below grade applications. Due to the radial lift path, the maximum reach is greater at the middle of the lift height.

Providing more reach at full lift height is optimal for applications that require loading and stacking at high heights. By keeping the load closer to the machine, lift capacities are increased over radial-lift models.

Design features large diameter pins aligned in a single plane for best-in-class vertical and lateral strength and rigidity.

Provides superior durability in loading and pushing applications.

Up to 4.5'' (114 mm) width lift arm construction delivers superior strength and rigidity.

The Mustang radial lift skid steer loaders provide excellent forward reach at the middle of the lift path. This provides excellent performance for loading flatbed trucks, backfilling or dumping over a wall.

The 4000V has a true vertical lift path. The 2700V NXT2 and 3300V NXT2 have a near vertical path.

Upper-rear channel support welded to the top and between the load arms provides added rigidity without obstructing rear visibility.

Key Features
- Load capacity of 1,350 lbs. and 1,500 lbs. with optional counterweight kit
- Lift height of 109.6"
- 46.3-hp Yanmar Tier IV diesel engine
- Radial-lift arm design
- New boom design offers increased visibility
- New operator-friendly level II-certified ROPS/FOPS
- Spacious operator compartment gives operators more comfort and excellent visibility
- Tilt-up ROPS for easy internal service access
- Swing-out cooler door for easy access to engine area
Steering/Hydraulic Controls
- Hands-Only Controls
- Hand-Foot Controls
Attachment Mounting System
- The All-Tach™ and Power-A-Tach™ mounting systems offers compatible fit-up with most attachments

Pilot Controls
Hands-Only Controls: Optional
Hand-Foot Controls: Optional
Engine Auto-Shutdown System: Standard
Engine Block Heater: Optional
Tier IV Engine: Standard
Swing-out Cooler: Optional

Auxiliary Hydraulics: Standard

Operator Station
Cab Enclosure with heater: Optional
Foot and Hand Throttles: Standard
Full Instrumentation: Standard
Heater: Optional
Horn: Standard
Integral Access Plate (removeable): Standard
ROPS/FOPS Level II Overhead Guard: Standard
Sound Reduction Material: Standard
Suspension Seat - Mechanical: Optional
Work Lights - Front and Rear: Standard

Power-A-Tach® Attachment Mounting: Standard
All-Tach® Attachment Mounting: Optional
Anti-Vandalism Protection: Standard
Back-Up Alarm: Optional
Brake Control (auto/manual): Standard
Hydraloc™ System: Standard
Hydrostatic Drive - Pilot Controlled: Standard
Lift Arm Support Device: Standard
Switchable Self-Leveling Hydraulic Lift Action: Optional
Overall Operating Height - Fully Raised (mm): 143.9" (3655)
Height to Hinge Pin - Fully Raised (mm): 109.6" (2784)
Overall Height to top of ROPS (mm): 75.1" (1908)
Ground Clearance to Chassis (mm): 7.9" (201)
Overall Length with 54" Bucket (mm): 120.3" (3056)
Overall Length without Bucket (mm): 92.2" (2342)
Wheelbase (mm): 37.6" (955)
Dump Reach at Full Height (mm): 22.7" (577)
Rollback at Ground Level: 29°
Dump Angle: 40°
Overall Width - Less Bucket (mm): 52.6" (1336)
Bucket Width (mm): 54" (1372)
Clearance Circle - Rear (mm): 54" (1372)
Clearance Circle - Front w/o Bucket (mm): 44.1" (1130)
Clearance Circle - Front w/Bucket (mm): 72.5" (1842)
Seat to Ground Height (mm): 33.3" (846)
Rollback at Full Height: 82°
Dump Height (mm): 82.6" (2098)
Departure Angle: 25°
Standard Tire Size: 10.00 x 16.5 HD

Make: Yanmar
Model: 4TNV88C-KMS Tier IV
Gross Power (kW) @ 2800 rpm: 46.3 (34.5)
Net Power (kW) @ 2800 rpm: 44.5 hp (33)
Maximum Torque (Nm) @ 1820 rpm: 107.8 ft.-lbs. (146)
Displacement (L): 133.6 (2.19)

Auxiliary Hydraulics - Standard (L/min): 17 gpm (64.4)
High-Flow Hydraulics - Optional (L/min): N/A
Reservoir Capacity (L): 10 gal. (37.9)

Battery (CCA): 12-volt (950)
Starter (kW): 12-volt (3.0)
Alternator: 100-amp

Rated Operating Capacity (kg): 1350 lbs. (612)
With optional counterweight (kg): 1500 lbs. (680)
Fuel Tank (L): 16.5 gal. (62.5)
Travel Speed - Maximum (km/hr): 8.0 mph (12.9)
Operating Weight - Approximate (kg): 5078 lbs. (2304)